The Truth About Marge –A Second Chance at Love

When I first wrote this book, in my mind I was creating a character who was a strong woman, and have need of no man in her life–except one. She needed Carliano in her life because he was her first real love. He represented all that she was until she heard from him no more. When that happened, her life changed. A year later, her right leg became invalid as it was struck by a rare disease. Because she had no insurance, she couldn’t afford to have it operated on. It was either live with the pain and use a cane or have it amputated. She chose for the first. Marge became used to walking a cane. It suit her fine, especially after her marriage to a construction worker failed.  To Marge, the best way to keep from having her heart from being broken, she put up a wall by dressing unattractively and becoming cynical.

Today I have come to realize that Marge was a prisoner of herself. She allowed her cynicism to make a miserable woman. However, she didn’t know Jesus and Christianity wasn’t attractive to her until she came to a point in her life that she knew she needed Jesus!  It was Jesus who had set her free and healed her broken heart. Although the man who  had brought her into his mansion to transform had helped in physically transformed her, it was Jesus who spiritually transformed and from that is where true beauty lies–the heart.


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