Where Are All the Reviews?

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So I wrote a book and Linkville Press published it just last July. Previously  my book was called Jesus Paid It All, many people downloaded it, but none reviewed it. People told me it looked like a devotional (see photo below)Paranormal Suspense

And therefore I decided to go with a new look


until I asked my co-author if she could edit my next Manuscript. She was about to but she was looking for another publisher to edit for until she found Linkville Press and got me involved so she can edit my MS, I have decided to have LP publish PMH (see first photo) Amanda Marie did a great job with the cover, but  authors in the christian circle questioned it saying it suggests erotica. I even had a potential reviewer turn down her offer to review because it was too dark for her. We live in a dark world. I guess Christian readers expect the books they read to be all light because they’ve seen enough darkness in their life time!

In our world, many evils have been played out: The threat of an extreme militant group beheading Christians, abortions becoming legal, politicians promoting and supporting gay rights and more persecution of Christians! What are we Christians to do? Go hide until it’s all over? In some cases, they cry out “Lord Jesus come now!” But Jesus is the light of the world–we are the light in the dark world and we can’t hide our light.

I can guarantee that in all my books no matter how dark it may seem, there is a light, but you persevere if you want to see the light.  If you faint at the sight of blood, you will never be  a doctor.  If you don’t have a strong mind, you wont be able to find good in my book because you will quit.

Purify My Heart needs reviews! And people shriek when they read my book involves witches. If I write about a woman being kidnapped and dressed in a robe, people think I write a strange tale. If I write about a woman over reacting to what she has seen or that someone gets saved,  people thinks my book is unrealistic. I have read worst.

So will the real reviewers stand up?

Thanks for letting me rant.