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Purify My Heart Reviews

Christian Fantasy

 Do you like fantasies? When I wrote Purify My Heart, I thought it was  paranormal, but it isn’t. C.S Lewis wrote the Narnia Chronicles. In one of his books, there is a witch.  Harry Potter isn’t paranormal either–Rawlings writes Fantasy too. Thank to Amanda Marie she made it clear to me just by labeling it as fantasy. So I present to you, my very first Christian Fantasy “Purify My Heart”. 

Darlene, a military wife becomes entranced by a dark and mysterious man known as Diethelm. He reveals to her later they are connected to each other and she must fulfill her destiny–to become a witch like him and  to become his wife. Darlene  already weak in her faith succumbs to his seduction, but when she realizes what she has done, she fights for her life! She seeks forgiveness from God.  Can God deliver her from the claws of death or is it too late?


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5.0 out of 5 stars Purify my Heart August 26, 2014
By Ella
This book took me a while to get into, but once I was able to get into it kept me guessing until the last page. Purify My Heart was not a typical romance story, it is a mixture of Christian faith verses the Wiccan lifestyle. Challenging each to see which one has a stronger hold on the soul. There were several twist and turns in the story I wasn’t sure what to expect, which was nice not being able to know a quarter to half way into the book they way it would end. But thru all the trails and challenges that where presented. I think that The Ruthie Madison did a wonderful job balancing faith and paranormal.

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Format:Kindle Edition
Sometimes, when a handsome man invites you to lunch, it is wiser to refuse. When the lonely young wife Darlene is invited to go to a restaurant, by the very handsome and mysterious Diethelm, accompanying him was a very unwise thing indeed to do. She set a series of nightmarish adventures in train, that would take her from her quiet life in California to gilded captivity in Germany as the intended bride of her witch suitor.
Darlene is not the only one in her family to be dragged into danger. Her husband, Dylan, also becomes enmeshed in the intrigues of Diethelm’s family coven, when he is kidnapped from his Marine base in Afghanistan by the pagan sex siren Tasha.
As its title suggests, this is a book with a very strong Christian ethos. But it is not just a good book in the strictly biblical sense. While the great love that God has for all of us shines out from the pages, it in no way diminishes its effectiveness as a really exciting and suspenseful story. It might be a Christian book, but it will keep people of all faiths and no faiths on the edges of their seats. I absolutely recommend it to one and all.
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