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Begin the day with the Lord. He wakes us up renewed, refreshed and filled with His presence. Go to Him, before you get overwhelmed by worldly distractions. Seek His will and you’ll gain a new perspective on the ” to do list ” …

God hath in Himself all power to defend you, all wisdom to direct you, all mercy to pardon you, all grace to enrich you, all righteousness to clothe you, all goodness to supply you, and all happiness to crown you. ~ Thomas Brooks

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Christmas: Why the Big Fuss?

Here it is December and Christmas is right at your door. People decorating their houses and buying gifts for everyone while the stores makes  big bucks from their purchases. This is why some are in a bah humbug mood. They think it is too commercialize. You know what? I agree!  Then there are those who opposes the idea of celebrating esp in December. I can understand that since Jesus wasn’t born in December. But understand this: Christmas  isn’t a celebration of winter solstice and although the pagans  and others who aren’t Christians, especially the Liberals would rather say Happy Holidays, Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of the Savior!  Steven sang it best when he sang “Christmas is in the heart.” Those who oppose having the tree up and giving gifts and every other tradition don’t seem to understand that they are all a symbolism.  The  lights on the house and on the tree symbolizes the star that shone bright in the sky, leading the Wise Men. And thinking of them, that is where the idea of givings  gifts comes from. Yeah yeah I know, The Wise men gave gifts to Jesus not to each other. Siiigh.  There are those who  think the tree is idolatry because of a scripture in Jeremiah, but i don’t see people worshiping the tree. To me like anything else, the tree is a decoration in the house or where it is placed. I see no one committing idolatry. I love the moon in the sky because God placed it there but I don’t worship the moon. And although Jesus was born in the Spring, I see nothing wrong with having Christmas in the Winter. As long as Christmas is in your heart, I  don’t think God will be displeased. I doubt he will remove his blessings from his people just because we Christians continue with our celebrations. If you ask me that sounds like people are taking the legalistic stand on it.

So decide in your heart whether you’ll celebrate Christmas or not. One other note, you can’t lose when you say Happy Holidays because Holidays is two words: Holy days. I will always celebrate Christmas in my heart and say “Merry Christmas”Christmas-Greeting-Card-Nativity-Scene-by-Dona-Gelsinger

Self-promotion Thursday

A chance to promote your book

Books, j'adore

Alright folks! Only one week until Christmas, and I know some of you haven’t finished shopping yet. And for those of you who have “finished” shopping, are you really sure you’ve bought your loved ones enough books this year? Books are a gift that keeps on giving long after the paper and boxes are ripped apart, and quite frankly, I try to buy at least two for every person on my list. The trick is making sure my brother opens his books last, because once he has them, he completely ignores the rest of us until brunch.

Personally, I had two books out this year that I’m very proud of. I’ll share about each of them below, but first, I want to offer all the authors out there the chance to promote yourselves in the comments today. If you’ve written a book and it’s available for purchase, please feel free to let…

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Book Spotlight: Snowflake Tiara: A Christmas Novella Duo

The second book I spotlight this week is just right for the season. It is called Snowflake Tiara by Valerie Friesen Comer.


This  ebook  covers two eras na dis a Christmas Novella duo:

The Debutante Queen by Angela Breidenbach ~ 1889 (Helena, MT): Calista Blythe enters the first Miss Snowflake Pageant celebrating Montana statehood to expose the plight of street urchins. But if her hidden indentured orphan is discovered, Calista’s reputation and her budding romance with pageant organizer, Albert Shanahan, could both unravel. Will love or law prevail?

More Than a Tiara by Valerie Comer ~ 2014 (Helena, MT): Marisa Hiller’s interest in competing in Miss Snowflake Pageant for the city of Helena’s 150th anniversary is at zip zero zilch when she discovers the official photographer is Jase Mackie. Can Jase make amends for past mistakes and offer her, not only a tiara, but a partner in her crusade to help needy children and families?


About the author

Valerie Comer’s life on a small farm in western Canada provides the seed for stories of contemporary inspirational romance. Like many of her characters, Valerie and her family grow much of their own food and are active in the local foods movement as well as their creation-care-centric church. She only hopes her creations enjoy their happily ever afters as much as she does hers, shared with her husband, adult kids, and adorable granddaughters.

Valerie writes Farm Lit where food meets faith, injecting experience laced with humor into her award-winning Farm Fresh Romance stories.

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Valerie Comer
Where Food Meets Faith… and Fiction:
Farm Fresh Romance Series: Raspberries and Vinegar (A Word Award Winner!), Wild Mint Tea, and Sweetened with Honey!   
Snowflake Tiara: 2 Christmas Novellas set 125 years apart (with Angela Breidenbach)
Fantasy: Majai’s Fury

What is Farm Lit?


An Excerpt from Purify My Heart

Happy December! In just 22(21)days, people will be gathering around the Christmas tree opening presents, having eggnog and singing yuletide carols…well some might. Everyone  celebrates  Christmas. My gift to you is an excerpt from my novel that my friend and Coauthor wrote with me: Purify My Heart. If you really like the excerpt, you can click on the link below the picture in my blog:

From Chapter  3

“It is very good.” She almost felt too relaxed.

He sat across from her, watching her. “Would you like to
know about your mother?”
Darlene stared at Diethelm. How did this strange, but
strangely inviting, man know so much about her family history? “I
know she was mentally ill,” she said slowly, not sure how much she
should reveal. “My father and I had to take care of her.”
“My father was in love with her before she married your
father. When she rejected Father’s love, he placed a curse on her.”
Purify My Heart Madison ~ Morrison
􀀁 􀀶􀀵
Darlene shot him a look. “Your father caused her mental
illness?” She was not sure whether she should believe him or not.
Again, more incredible stories.
Ah, Diethelm thought to himself, she now sees the truth here,
but will she believe me?
“The only way the curse could have been broken would have
been for her to come back to him and humble herself, which she
never did. And the curse does not die with the one carrying it.” He
looked solemnly at her. “I hope you see what I am getting at. I am his
offspring, and in order for you to avoid inheriting the curse, you
must marry me.”
If Darlene had known the scripture confirming that no one
can curse what God has blessed, it would have saved her, but she did
not know the scriptures very well. Shocked and frightened, she did
not know what to say except: “So I’m cursed if I don’t marry you?”
“Because you have not rejected us, do not think of it as a
curse. For you, it is more like a warning. We do not place curses on
those who remain with our own kind.”
“’Own kind’. What kind of ‘breed’ are we, if I wish to believe
all that?” Darlene put her tea down so she wouldn’t spill it.
She got up and paced, agitated. “And why do I need to marry
you if we can’t be cursed? Just now you said your father cursed my
mother.” She turned to glare at him. “I think you’re fabricating all of

10588606_896981380315702_1943827341_n (1)

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Book Spotlight: Cut It Out

Well here it is, the month of December. Seems like yesterday folks forgot their diets and ate like no tomorrow! I know I did, but now that November has passed and Christmas is on its way here (before you know it,) there are also a slew of Indie Books out for release this month. One is the modern day story of Ruth called Cut it Out!

What her book is about:

The Hair Mavens Series (Book two) Cut It Out!: Women are flocking to the newly remodeled Hair Mavens Salon. But the salon isn’t the only thing that has changed—two more mavens arrive and create chaos for the ladies, and if that weren’t enough Katya is about to bring on something new that will change all their lives.

KATYA: The former mousey Kathy has transformed into the beautiful Katya. She’s striving to leave her timidity behind especially when she learns of a new program that trains hairdressers how to spot victims of domestic violence and abuse. Unfortunately, her secret may endanger them all.

SHIRA: Shira is yanked in so many directions she barely has enough time for Jesse. When he has a crisis of faith, she wonders if they will survive as a couple.

BEULAH: The heart of the Hair Mavens—is struggling with depression and she’s too overwhelmed to ask for help, not even from her handsome son, Tom.

HARRIET: Harriet’s predictable life threatens to change when God opens a door to an unexpected possibility, and she’s not sure she’s ready to walk through.

THE NEW MAVENS: Linda and Daye join the hair mavens and bring secrets, heartache and amazing style. Will their secrets destroy their chances of fitting in?

When a life-threatening situation arises, the mavens realize how much they need one another. But, did they learn the lesson too late?


Here’s the scoop on the author:

Terri Gillespie is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, and speaker. She is head writer for the Restoration of Israel Minute heard on 25 stations in 11 states and Canada, has contributed to several other books, magazines, newspapers and published her first book, Making Eye Contact with God—A Weekly Devotional for Women. Her first novel—The Hair Mavens (Book one): She Does Good Hair—won BWB’s Best Women’s Fiction for 2013.


Where to find her stuff: (links):

My website:  (My website is still being updated)

Purchase the novels:

Purchase devotional:

Book trailers:

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